Looking for a study partner and/or study group


oops haha okay I added you now :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m 31 from New Caledonia, originally from the UK. Just started my journey from scratch. I would love to be part of your discord group if there is any room for me. I just sent you a friend request!




i want to join too how can i join
omkar#4821 is my discord


ok i will invite you


Hey guys, just started web development 101 and looking for people in the asia/pacific timezones to work with (I’m 27 from Australia). Please add me to the group too, discord: Breaker#4054. Thanks!


i can do that no problem :slight_smile: im jintheracecar


Hey, I’d love to join the group if there’s still room for one more :slight_smile: My discord - Len_e#8550


Hi, I’m Freyja. I am starting the program today! This sort of group is invaluable, and I would love to join! My discord name is Freyja#8186.


Hi, can you add me to the group too please? Thank you!!



I’d be up for joining this group. Username in Discord is Aedum#2445

Do I need to add everyone separately to join this group or can someone just add me? It seems like a lot of work just to join a conversation if we all need to add each other.


Hey! I’d also love to join this group. Could one of you add me ? My username is Neil-0#2910


Hi, I’m Ezel. I would like to join aswell. My Discord username is : Ezel#7033.


Hello, I’m Daki(just turned 25) from Singapore! I started weeks ago but am still doing Web Dev 101 under the Full Stack Ruby on Rails track, hoping to pick up the pace and would like to join the study group as well. My Discord username is : Daki#0597.


I’d like to be in the group.

My discord: Knight#5107


Hello, i would like to join in group as well. im from indonesia (22 years old) currently working as IT support. now learning more programming (web, android). here’s my discord Kerelka#8686


Hello, I would like to join.
My full name is Olomoro Philippa.
My discord username is Philippa#7658


omkar#4821 add me I am a web developer Learning javascript


Heeey could I join the group please?
My discord username is ScarletQueen#5101


I know that i am too late. hahaha
i am a college student studying web development.
i am very welling to help you with anything you want