Looking for a study partner and/or study group


hey guys i’m also a newbie and would love to join in the group… my discord username is Sahmie#3521


hey would love to be involved too rorymcdonnell95 #8748.


Just sent you a friend request.


Hey guys, I started learning to code about a week ago and would love to join in the group, if there’s space. I’m 28, based in the UK. My discord username is evgeny23#3442 Thanks.


Hi guys, I am currently located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I am 29 and started coding about three months ago and trying to do it full time more or less. Would be happy to join your study group or find a partner programming. I now follow Odin Project’s JS Full-Stack curriculum and I am now about to finish Tic-Tac-Toe project. My Discord number #6387. Please feel free to contact me. Greetings! /Elena from Sarajevo


Hi. Tried to befriend you on discord. Accept, and I’ll get you into the group…


Sendt you a friend request on discord. If you accept it, I can get you into the group.


Discord #4152


36 years old, from Canada. Running the WebDev, and python On the side. Little to no experience, every victory is a good day. Would love to be in the group.


Hit me up at hoftun#2247


Added you. Thanks very much!


Hello!! Could someone add me to the group? Is it too big already? I’m the same age (29) and desperately need some newbies to connect with!!


My discord # is 3598


What’s your full discord name?


Hi, is there room for one more on the discord? I’ve been trying to learn on my own for a while now but hopefully having some type of accountability would help. If there is, my discord name is aryagendry#3525


Hi! I am 28 years old, from Turkey. I did a little bit python but decided it was better to switch to web development to find a job. I am currently at web-development 101 javascript basics fundamentals part 5 and I would love to join the group. Discord kry#4273


Hi everyone! I’m from Milwaukee, I’m 39yrs old, and I’m just staring my journey to become (hopefully🤞🏻) a Front End Developer. Currently I work full time as an Xray Technologist and I’m married with two young (toddler age) children. I’d love to join the Discord group! XRayBound #7424


sure i will add you :slight_smile:


ok i will add you :slight_smile:

May want to double check your username/tag. Tried adding “XRayBound #7424” but the friend request failed.


Ok i will add you :slight_smile:


Hm, weird. Did you put a space between my name and number? Should be XRayBound#7424