Looking for a study partner and/or study group


I am currently in South Korea (originally from the USA) looking to make a career change. I am 27 years old.

I would love to find a study partner and/or study group to motivate, help, and keep each other accountable.

I am a total beginner. I am not very good with computers.

I will be getting my new laptop today. I have not had a personal computer/ laptop in years.

I am both excited and scared to start this journey.

Let’s do this!


I’m in France (originally from the USA) and am kinda doing the same thing. I’ve already gotten through a bit, but not too much and would love to be able to study with someone and get some outside motivation!


Hi there,

I’m just doing my very first steps and would love to join the team. Disclaimer: Not a native english speaker. I am German and finished my master in Psychology. I’m hopeful my language skills will suffice.



Interested. How do we create a group?


I’m up for this, this is all new to me too. I’m 30 from England


I’m also down for this. I just got a computer as well for TOP and hopefully with the job I land from completing/learning coding. I work full time so I’m not sure what times you’re looking to do this but I’m game to be part of the group!

Btw Im 31 and I currently live in South Carolina.


Great! We should form a group on Discord :slight_smile:


That’s awesome that we are all about the same age lol


Greetings! :slight_smile: Let’s do it!


Great! I think we can form a group on Discord. If anyone knows how feel free to start the group.


Hey! It looks like we need to add each other as friends before creating a group. My Discord number is #8284. Share your numbers here so that we can start to add each other!
@wingsolo @felixeicke @seattle.ux @Nefarious_Mellow @cabbage2701


I’m from Malaysia, and only recently started!
It would be nice to have other people to study with :slight_smile:
My discord number is #2310


is discord the place to be then? never heard of it tbh. ;o)
is there added value than to discuss stuff here on the board? (pure interest!)

ty in advance


My discord name is Nefarious_Mellow#6167


I think that it’s important to use the tools that TOP recommends. Messages won’t be so easily lost and we get notifications faster there :wink: Join us Felix!


… my discord number is: #8239 ;o)


Just added as friends, please accept and I will start a group chat.


My username is jintheracecar#7941
still struggling with getting linux onto my laptop lol;; got the usb bootable with rufus but…;;


Hey all!
I’m taking a second shot at learning web development after falling off the learning wagon over 6 months ago. I would love to join the group for some added acountability and encouragement if you still have some room. My discord username is Mr_Bowtie #9286.


I’m in. If you got room for one more.