Looking for a study group for html/CSS

Hello Everyone, my name is mbanugo. I am from Nigeria(and currently in Nigeria).I am 18 years old.

i would love to find a study group to help.

I am excited to start this journey with everyone.

Let’s go!

My name is Fabi and I’m a 16 year old student from Germany. Would love to learn together with you.
You can add me on Discord if you like: Fabi#6071
Let’s go

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AM not on discord but i will download it
Or you can add me on skype

Is that ok or not
But i will download discord tonight so we can move on

I can’t find your name
But you can add me Franklyn600

hey am katlo, i am a tertiary student(new to coding and would love to be in your study group
am from the blue, black and white nation, a country called botswana

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Ok great add me up on discord Franklyn600

https://discord.gg/5CRebs click on this