Looking for a Pomodoro Project Partner (US Based GMT-5)

Hello Odin Brothers/Sisters,

My name is Laurence. I just started The Odin Project a couple weeks ago. I am currently pursuing a career change from Mechanical Engineering to Web Development. I recently lost my job due to COVID, and took this as the ripe opportunity to dig into this career change. I am now ready to begin the Pomodoro Pair project, and would love to pair up with anyone who is interested and possibly continue a partnership into other large projects in the curriculum and beyond.

I am in Austin, Tx (GMT-5), but would love to pair with anyone!

Feel free to email me or add me on discord if you are interested.

email: larrycasta11@gmail.com
discord: laurence_castaneda#5160

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Hello Lawrence! My name is João(or John as a more english friendly name).I’m sorry for your situation. Hopefully you’ll have success in your carrer change. As a matter of fact, I can help you with that by partnering up for the project! I used to be an English teacher in Brazil and recently became a computer Engineering student. I’m very excited with the-odin project and so far my learning process has been great. I’m sure we can make a good duo.

Discord: Chum-lee#0069(just sent you a friend request), hit me up if you’re interested.
GitHub: https://github.com/JvPelai

BTW I’m located in São Paulo-Brasil (GMT -3), but currently I have no Issues regarding my schedule.