Looking for a Pomodoro Clock Partner for 25th May, 9am - 2pm BST

Hi all,

I’m looking to practice pair programming next Monday 25th May, in a slot from 9am - 2pm BST. Anyone care to pair up?

I’m UK based, speak English only, and have programmed for many years – but ToP is my first formal training.

I’m using VSCode on a Mac. I have Skype, Facetime, Zoom…

Here’s my ToP Calculator project: https://morgangoat.github.io/calculator/

looking forward to hearing back!


Hey, I am UK based as well so would love to get the Pomodoro project rolling on the bank holiday!

I am a native English speaker (US), and have not been programming very long but think I am getting the hang of it at this point. Happy to use VSCode liveshare and we could chat on Discord, Zoom, whatever you prefer honestly.

https://github.com/vincent585 <— here’s my Github if you want to check it out! Let me know if you’re interested.

  • Vincent

Hey Vincent,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you – I took Saturday and Sunday offline. Back on now.

If it’s not too late I’d still be keen to get started with pair programming? I’ve probably only got a couple of hours – sorry – but if you’d like to get started, maybe we could try for 10:30am - 12:30pm? My VS Live Share login is my github (morgangoat), Zoom room 747 0193 9952, password 4xzrtA.


Sorry, been outside all day so far – we could try again for tomorrow some time?

Good weather to be outside!

I’m free tomorrow (Tues) 4pm - 6pm, or Weds 3pm - 6pm. Let me know if something might work there…?


I can do Wednesday at 3pm, will have to leave around 5:30 but other than that I’m free.

Hey Vincent,

Let’s go for it. 90 minutes should be enough time to get a first stab at the problem.

See you in Zoom room 747 0193 9952, password 4xzrtA at 3pm Weds?


Damnit, they seem to have edited the curriculum and the pair programming exercise has been removed. I don’t suppose you have a copy anywhere…?


Here’s a copy.

Excellent – thanks!