Looking for a Partner!

I reached Pair Programming section in Odin project. So i would be so happy to be able to pair with a partner and we together be able to move on in the course.

Hey Korak I wouldn’t mind partnering up with you if you are still interested. I just got to the Pairs section as well and would enjoy having someone to work with moving forward. My email is aaronmcdonald3d@gmail.com

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Hi ,

Thanks a lot for reaching out to me . I would gladly love to work and pair up with you . I have already sent you an Invitation on Google Hangouts . It would be more easier and faster to stay in contact there . Also if you like you can Contact me on my Discord : Danito#4660 . Or my Twitter : @Dani60579343 . Feel free to contact me in any of those ! But i would prefer Hangouts because am more Active there ! We can talk about it and make a plan to start do the Section together.