Looking for a partner


I have literally just started my OP journey, so looking for a pair to do the journey with. Would be cool to find someone who is interested in learning to code games, but I am easy. My other interests are wildlife, aviation, sci-fi and fitness/nutrition. I am in the beautiful land of New Zealand too. (I should add I am starting OP with practically zero experience, I know some basic stuff in programming but I am really starting from scratch!)


Hey mate,

I’m canadian but I live in Vietnam so we may be close in time zones/It will be easy to connect. I love fitness and nutrition, I’m an avid kickboxer, and also love scifi.

I have some experience already but I’m looking for others to code with, and Vietnam is a bit isolating finding english speakers and programmers.

I’d love to help with anything or just have an accountability partner. Let me know what you think!! I’m also starting the odin project from scratch, to brush up on my basics and hopefully land a job in a tech environment within a year!



Hi J,
Great!, What part of Vietnam do you live in? I just visited for the first time last year, went to Ho Chi Min then the Mekong Delta before heading to Cambodia.

Sounds like we have similar goals, I would also like to learn this to find a job next year or do freelance coding if possible, but I am making a career change. Sounds like you will have more of a headstart than me, but if you’re keen to pair up it would be great to work on stuff together and I will do my best to keep up.

I have to admit I am not exactly sure what is involved, I started the OP a couple of days ago and got to the lesson where it said to join the forum and look for a partner. My plan is to work through it from start to finish, so that was lesson three I think, will be doing a few lessons a day.


Hi Hal - I’m Jacob by the way if you like - I live in Hanoi atm. Looking to move back to Canada once I have enough knowledge/experience building projects to land a job. That’s awesome you’ve travelled in Vietnam, HCMC is a huge city, and Cambodia is great too.

I do have a bit of a headstart so the first few lessons are all going to be a refresher for me, but I’m using Windows so installing a virtual machine and Ubuntu on Windows was all new to me specifically for TOP. I also am going to work through from start to finish. I’m committed to coding / working through a few lessons a day as well, do you have a fulltime job atm?

Either way, PM me or we can chat on discord/whatsapp or something. Let me know where you’re at, I’m just about to start from the Text Editor lesson and go from there, and see what I can get done today (I also work so managing my time learning is tricky).

Talk soon Hal!


Sounds good,
I do have a day job and like you I am going to be doing a few lessons a day also. I am just up to installing Ubuntu also. Let me know when you get to a programming lesson or a project to work on