Looking for a partner


Hello i am Andres From Bogotá Colombia, i looking for a partner to learn and create projects together.
i am new in this.


Hi Andres,

I am Ousmane currently looking for Pairing too, I choose JavaScript Full Stack track at Odin Project. We can Pair program if you would.
Let me know your available time in Time Zone and days. We can schedule something.

Thank you


Hi Andres,
Ng’ethe here from Kenya.(GMT +3)

Looking for a partner as well.

Also new at this. Let me know if we can pair. :smile:


Hi Ousmane,
Can’t wait to dive into JS as well. I love Vanilla JS.
I’m also open to pair with you.

Same stats(GMT+3).


Of course yes, you have all my disposition


How would you like to proceed. :slight_smile:


Hello people!
I’m alson up for partner, in case anyone is still looking for one. I’m starting TOP today :slight_smile:


Hey guys!, I’m from Dominican Republic. It will be a pleasure for me to pair with any of you guys!
Email: mizadlogarcia@gmail.com


give me your mail and let’s set up schedules in Focusme


open to pair programming as well.




Hi Mainangethe,

send me an email at ousmaneit1@gmail.com with your availability so we can work something up. I am pretty much open from Monday to Thursday.