Looking for a partner


Name: Htet Lynn Htun
Timezone: GMT + 6:30
Available Times: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
Language: English ( intermediate )

I have deep knowledge about JavaScript. But I lack front-end skills. I’m pretty bad at things like UI/UX. I’m not willing to deep dive into front-end world. But I’m gonna learn the basic. I’m more interested in back-end stuff. Actually I’ve done some back-end with nodejs. But after I’ve learned some basic, I don’t know where to go next and how to practice with nodejs. So I’ve decided to join TOP which have a pretty good curriculum. And I’am going to complete all the projects in TOP. As I’m not a native English speaker, I’m not ok with most of the slang. So I would like to pair with who can communicate straightforwardly.


Hi, I’m currently at the Pomodoro exercise part of the odin curriculum and would love to pair.
the timezone might be a bit problematic since I use GMT +1 (or WAT +1) and I’m mostly only available at 7:00 am - 8:00 am on Mondays - Fridays.

For skill-set, I’m mostly a newbie and only recently started taking programming. If you’ll be interested, you can find me on

Skype / google Hangout: Afeso Franklyn
discord: afeso#8726

Looking forward to your reply


First, I’m sorry for late reply. So you can available at 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm in my timezone.
Yeah. We can do duo if you don’t have partner yet. I’ve just completed rock-paper-scissors project. So you are ahead of me!


I am also Sorry for the late reply. was working on a project and didn’t check back on this page.

I would love to pair, and also assist you in any way I can.