Looking for a partner - West Coast USA


Hi All,

My name is Robert and I am a beginner looking for someone to pair with for the Pomodoro clock assignment. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work in IT full-time so I would have limited time blocks I can work with a pairing partner. My interests include video games, cars, and computer stuff in general.



Hi Robert!

I am not yet on the Pomodoro assignment but I would be interested in pairing up for future assignments.


Hi Xence,

Sure, let me know when you get to the Pomodoro project so we can tackle it together. Also, let me know if there’s anything else you have in mind in the mean-time.


Hi Robert,

I’m in Colorado and am looking to do the Pomodoro project again.

I’d be willing to arrange some pair programming times with you, and re-factor my existing project.



Hi Marchy,

That sounds good to me. I think my best availability will be over the weekend. How does this upcoming Saturday at 2 PM your time sound?




2pm my time is 1pm your time, so that works for me if it works for you.

Do you prefer Discord, Zoom, Google hangouts, Skype, Slack, or something else?


yup, 1 PM pacific works for me :slight_smile:

We can do Discord. I haven’t used it much so bear with me if I need to figure things out. What’s your Discord username?



I’ll wait for an invite from you; send that anytime. I’ll accept and then we can go from there.

I’ll probably jump on Discord periodically this evening, so I’ll see the invite righ away.

Good luck!


Hey Robert!

Haven’t received your invite via Discord yet. You still up for a pair programming session? Or would you like to postpone?

Just let me know.

Also, someone else setup a server on Discord for a general group chat. I’m relatively new to Discord as well, but I believe I can add you/invite you to the server, if you’re more comfortable with that.

This way, you’d be able to leave a message/ask a question, etc, and we could respond on our own time.

If that sounds cool, just reply with your Discord user name, and I’ll try to send the invite…


Hi Michael,

Sorry for the slow response, but I’m getting up and running now. I sent you a friend invite in Discord. My username is rsuazo#3698 if you need it.

Also, I don’t mind an invite to the server. Anyway, I’ll talk to you shortly.