Looking for a partner to do the entire web-101 course


Hey everyone, I’m 20 and just finished the whole installation process and I wanted to find someone to pair program to complete the entire course together, and maybe even more project afterwards!

A bit about me, I’ve been programming for about a year and a half now, I’m mostly interested in back-end development as I don’t have a signle UI/UX bone in my body, so if you’re an artistic type, we’ll do great together!

Timezone wise, I’m in UTC+1 (Rome) and language wise I speak english and italian. My free time is from 6pm up to 1am.

If anyone is interested hit me up!


I’m from Hungary, so the same timezone! I’m a more frontend person, I was doing some proramming for 1-2 years, but have not done much codingwise in the last year or so. I’d love to tag along, but am only commited to a maximum of one hour of learning each day, or sometimes even less. If you’re okay with that, let’s be partners!


Hello! My name is Andrea, I’m in the USA. I just started looking into the whole coding idea. I think is website is awesome and actually going to start working on it today! Let me know if you want to be partners.


One hour is a bit short for me so I plan on doing a bit more, if that’s ok with you you’re most welcome to tag along!


Hey, if our times match I’d be glad to work with you!


hey kilith,
myself arun kumar from INDIA I can join you to complete the course within time.