Looking for a Partner - Pomodoro+

Hi there!

I want to give pair programming a try to get a feeling for it, since I just reached the Pomodoro-Lesson.
And who knows, maybe it’s fun altogether and helpful and stuff and we marry one day, or something in between… :thinking:

The time zone I’m in is UTC+1 and I’m relatively flexible with my time.
I speak German and English, and I’m set up with Atom + Teletype and Discord and would welcome that, for sure :slight_smile:


Hey Phi!

Are you the phi from beeminder?
How long did it take you to reach the pomodoro part?

Hey Leo,

I’m not from beeminder, have to admit I haven’t heard of it before, I just checked it out, pretty neat :sunglasses:
It actually took me almost exactly one month of heavy commitment to finish the 101 with each and everything, besides pomodoro.

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Could you specify “heavy commitment”? :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer!

Yes, I can specify that. I started with very little knowledge. By “one month of heavy commitment” I mean:

Three weeks of humbleness, of endless tries to convert bad thoughts into productivity, all day long, doing just one thing - going on and on and not giving up lots of times. Three weeks of nothing but reading, watching, writing, building, testing, not leaving out a single bit, trying to understand everything, earning myself every check off with the best conscience.
Followed by one week of more easy going, of finding myself feeling grateful towards a lot of people who put their time into making this a thing, followed by one day of being really proud that I made it in one month, realizing that I really learned a lot, above all how much there’s left to learn - except now I like that fact, since I learned that I can learn it. It’s right in front of me.
This was my way so far. Do it your way, in your time. Just don’t allow the excuses your mind can make up. It’s so rewarding.

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Sounds wonderful; thank you for the great response Phillip :slight_smile:

This is really encouraging.

I am looking forward to see you around!

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do you still search for someone?

Oh, hi Alex, thank you for your answer and sorry for answering late. I hope you are doing good :slight_smile:
For now I’m happily doing the Ruby-Cours, maybe I come back to the Pomodoro-Time later.