Looking for a partner (mentor)!


Hi everyone!

I’m Camilo from Colombia. I have some basic HTML, CSS and Responsive Desing experience, but I want to keep learning to become a web-developer.

Here is my biggest project so far where I’ve implemented all that I know about coding up to know - elizabethcoffee.org -.

I still have a lot to learn so I’d kindly ask you if you want to become my valuable partner who can support me in this learning journey.

Thank you very much.

Have a great coding!


I’m Ayo from Nigeria, i also have little HTML knowledge, willing to learn more


Good to start. Let’s do this!


Hi there (and hello to you too @Oyeleke_ayomide). I have intermediate HTML, CSS knowledge and would love to help out. I just signed up a while ago so Im still unsure how PAIRS work. But let me know if any of you are having issues with the two things I mentioned above and I’ll do my best to help out. :smile:


@vinb thanks for replying. So far I’m starting the firs rails app, so I haven’t got to the HTML and CSS part. If any question comes during the course, I will ask you for sure hehe. Have a great coding!