Looking for a Partner for the Promodoro Project



Hello, My name is Aron and I am from Munich, Germany. I am looking for a partner for the Pair Programming Project, and other projects that might come up. Happy to communicate in any way.

Looking forward to pairing up :smile:


Hi Aron, My name is Selebogo from South Africa, I just joined The Odin Project. I would be interested in pairing up.


Hey Selebogo sounds good, you can add me on Discord if you want. My ID is: aronfischer#9493


Can i join in the team to get along with you guys for the pair programming?

I am GbadeSimple and new anyway on the pair programming, from Nigeria.

Thank you for your understanding.


Im working on mine right now… You could join in if you want… Needing some help with js logic. This is waht it looks like right now


my id in discord is Ginner Zapata#5743


My id in Discord is gbadesimple#3216