Looking for a parter for pomodoro. Europe, pref early hours


Hi there!

I’m looking for a partner for the pomodoro project to start with.

I’m currently living under the CET timezone and I like to wake up early to get some work done in the morning starting usually before 7 on six days a week. On most days, but not all, I do put in a bunch of hours from 12 to 18. So there are my available time windows for our collaboration. I’d like you to be able to put in at least two hours a day on five to six days a week.

My english is very good for a non-native speaker and I’m not afraid to use. :slight_smile:

When it comes to programming I’m a novice. This TOP web development 101 is almost all I’ve done. I think I’ve got git basics by now. I’m on discord as well.


I’m using Ubuntu with VSCode - vsliveshare installed. I also have AWS with Cloud9 ready and waiting. That IDE struck me as amazing from the first glance!


Hello @Armoilane … I’m currently on the Pomodoro project and looking for a partner also…
I live in the GMT +1 timezone(West Africa), but I’m free at any time to work…
kindly reach out if you interested
Sahmie#3521 on Discord