Looking for a pair


Name: Emilly
Timezone: EST
Available Times: 10am - 9pm
Language: English/Portuguese
Project: Open to any
Further Information: Feel free to email me at emillyalbu@gmail.com or message me on the discord app. I’m very easy going and looking to dive deep into things and gather experience with programming. I’ve been learning on my own for about a hour.lol.


Hi Emilly,

Read your message on Odin forums. we can learn together, if you would like to go ahead.

I am in Berlin… you can reply me here and we can co-ordinate for timings :slight_smile:
I’ve recently started with TOP Web Development 101 curriculum. I am also looking for someone to pair with. I believe learning together is a great way to learn quick and more efficiently. Please send me a message here or an email to vindev.de@gmail.com.

Peace :slight_smile:


Hy guys,
I am Gian and I start today with odin.
I saw your message and I’d like to join You to study together.
I think is better to improve and We can motivate each other.
We can stay in contact here or with the chat my nick name is ilgianso and my email is gianrobertozoli@gmail.com
Have a nice day


Hi, Emilly.
I am Asif. I started with Odin this week.
I am also looking for a pair to study with. I’d like to join you to study together. We can stay connected here or in chat room of Discord. You can find me through my e-mail: asifabdullah949@gmail.com
Have a great day.


hey guys, I have finished now the google copy page project inside the web development 101.
Now i start with fundamentals part 1.
And You?
How many hours do You study a week or a day?