Looking for a Pair Partner


Name: Haley
Time Zone: CT (from Mississippi)
Language: English
Available: 5pm - 9pm Monday-Friday and whenever on most weekends

Hey guys, I’m completely new to everything, so I’m learning from scratch which can be a little difficult in a self-study setting. I’d love to pair up with someone who maybe knows a little more and doesn’t mind helping out a newb! I’m still in the Web Dev 101 course, just finished the Google homepage project and now jumping into JavaScript. I’m working toward a career in web development/design field, so I want to learn as much as possible and would love to have someone who can review my code, help me clean it up, and suggest more useful approaches that maybe I haven’t thought of.

If anyone would be interested in mentoring/partnering please let me know! You can also shoot me an email at hbharris94@gmail.com


Hi @HalesYeah94

Unfortunately I can’t commit to any particular times as my schedule it way too unpredicatable. I am happy to try to partner on some projects and can certainly review your code and provide feedback. I’m not amazing as CSS but if it’s JS or any other language then I’m happy to help.



I would really appreciate that. Especially with JS. I’ve played around with HTML and CSS before, but I’ve never worked with JS or any of the other programming languages so I know I’m going to be in over my head and will definitely need/appreciate help and feedback.

Thank you!


Alright cool.

You know where to find me if you need anything. You’ll also find me about in the gitter rooms.


Hello, I’m also doing the Web Dev 101, although I’m closer to the end of it. If you are still interested I’d like to pair up. I’d also benefit from reviewing the previous parts while helping you since I have been in a hiatus since May… I have sent you an email if you’re interested.