Looking for a JavaScript learning Partner

Hey there,
I am new here but I already know HTML and CSS, looking for someone to take the javascript path together. Anyone interested let’s connect.

Regards to you all.

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Hi. Please see our post about pair programming: https://forum.theodinproject.com/t/pair-programming-removed-from-curriculum-official-discord-server

Our server already has an established way to develop a small learning community.

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not working :hammer_and_pick: .

See below:

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This is a link to our official Discord server: https://discord.gg/V75WSQG

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Same here, do you have a discord? If so, join me in my channel https://discord.gg/KFWkvV where we can collaborate.

Please see this post: Pair Programming Removed From Curriculum & Official Discord Server

If you have questions or concerns, please reply there.