Looking for a coding partner!


Hi all! I’m Alice (28 years old) from Italy. I started TOP a couple of months ago but had to pause for like a month due to having to move transcontinentally (ugh). Now I’ve started again and I’m currently working my way through Web Dev 101. I really hope to finish the whole course sooner or later. I have a background in languages and translation so I’m quite new to this whole coding thing (but hey why should that stop us?).
While working at the projects, I found myself with an urge to show my work to someone, get some feedback, and have a coding buddy to compare my work with. Contact me if you are in a similar situation! Cheers


I’m in a similar situation, down to age, even, so I’d love to partner with you~

My discord is alightfromtheshadows#7349, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:


Yeyy~~ I tried to add you


Hey I just starting getting into the web dev 101 course as well. Running through the beginning now, but would love to have some people of my skill level to bounce ideas off of and send my code too. If either of you, or both are interested, my discord is danny#8566. Looking forward to learning with everyone :slight_smile:




Hi, I will be happy to join you, this is my discord Noragne, I have some experience so I think I can help you from time to time.


Hey Noragne! I’d be happy to add you but I think I need your 4 digit code to do that. You can add me AliAiLi#9075 ^-^