Looking for a coding partner


I’m Marcel, 24 years old from Romania.
I just started here, my goal is to be Web Developer within 7 months and I’m looking for partner/s to help each other to achieve this goal.


Hi Marcel,

Did you already pair up? 31 years old from South Africa/New Zealand living in Switz


not yet where are you in the course, which lesson


Hey- im working on the google homepage activity. You?


I am at the “rock, paper, scissors” project, so you are a little behind. What’s your discord? Mine is euskaltel7#7451


Hello! I just started the course today - I’m not sure how far ahead you both are but I would like to make some friends.

I’m in Southern California, USA



Hello Zachary_Romo I also just started the course today. Im 25 years old and Im from Central California. If you need a partner on the road to learning to code You can count me in. Would be great to talk partner up with people and share information on the things we learn.


Hi ,

PeaceAndCode what’s your discord?


Hi, i’m Ujah Jimmy Wonkpah from West Africa Liberia; and i just started the course. i’m 23 years old and i’m looking for a partner, i’m willing to partner with someone who really willing to learn; so that we can share our ideas. Here is my WhatApp number +231775264343.


Hi Jimmy! I’m just starting the course today- I’m 22 years old and hove some background knowledge, but I’m trying to learn more! The Odin Project says having a partner could really help so I’m giving it a try. Let me know if you’re interested


hey euskaltel77 my discord is PeaceAndCode


Yes we can be partners, but i’m new to code.



Late to the party, was wondering if anyone else is still looking for a coding partner.
Working on React js right now and looking for someone to keep me on track and bounce problems off of. We don’t need to be learning the same language!




hey Dan if you need a partner let me know. Im working on Js right now. Im putting 5 hours a day. Im focusing more on learning to code than my pre med studies. I think I found what I really want to do. My discord is just like my name.


hey fellas, i’m also a bit late :sweat_smile: , would love to have some partners while going through the coding processes… my discord’s niroboy119 #8792