Looking for a Coding Partner (I am Starting Web Development 101 curriculum)

Hi there!

I am Peter From Nairobi, Kenya.

I am starting Web Development 101 curriculum and looking for someone, a beginner we take this journey together.

If you’re there feel free to connect



Hi Peter! I’m bibot from US.

I’m also a beginner doing Web Dev 101.
Are you on discord? You can find me as bibot in the Odin sever

Hi all. Im Jonas from Ny.

Im also a beginner doing web dev 101.
Lets connect and tackle this together.

I am petr on odin server

Hello, find me as petr on Odin sever

Hello Peter, I’m also a beginner in Web Development. Lets connect and do this together.

Find me as petr on odin server - Discord

Peter, can you please add your four digit tag? Or you can alternatively look me up as Baaba16#4301


Hi there, can you add your four digit tag so we can easily find you

@Jonasclc, please connect on discord. Baaba16#4301

Hi i am also new here i want to learn coding

Hello, Which part are you in ?

just starting

Cool, we can take It together am on HTML & CSS

Connect on discord on discord server - petr#9605

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ok i am ready

Hey man im on that same boat, if anything id like to get into this too, let me know if this is going to be done on discord my name is de_g3ntl3m4n#4216 add me or anything? :slight_smile:

hi peter i hope ur doing fine. i know ive came a bit late but do u still want to join with me to study the web development 101 together i will be more than happy to collaborate with you and anyone else who are willing to join and go on this journey together. My name is Yugal Sherchan i am from Nepal and you can add me in discord my id is yugalsherchan1991. hope to see u and get a reply. Thank you

Hi all, i’m Godwin i am also a beginner, lets connect and become a full stack developer together

@mbuguap i recently signed up, did you find a partner already?