Looking for a a pair programmer in the FullStack JS


POST-EDIT NOTE: you may also contact people who replied to this post to pair up with others who replied.
Hi, Zak here,

I’m looking for a pair programmer in the fullstack JS. After the holidays, school might make a bit busy but I will still able to do 1hr to 1:30 sessions. Leave me your contact information below, your phone number email. We might also able to do some projects after finishing, hopefully.

Happy Codin!


Hi Zak!

My name is Cristian. I´m ready to start the full stack programming project. We can work togheter if you like!!

I will be able to do 1hs session. And I hope We can develop some projects soon!!

Hope to hearing from you soon!!

Happy coding!!


Yes, we might able to develop some usefull projects. What is your discord username, phone number, email, or anyplace I can contact you?


my email is canergrini89@gmail.com


Send me a pm if you are interested in doing the pomodoro project.

Discord: fossegrim#4268


I’d like to join you guys, as i just started today so we can encourage each other so if there is anyway we can all connect that would be amazing


Hi, man i think we can work together in full-stack js projects if you want to, this is my Discord: Fx_Omar#0381


my email is; rolandisho@gmail.com
whatsapp number; +23277087023


I will be in touch with all of u soon, thank you!


I’m new to the community but I’m willing to join any group or individuals for pair programming… I have knowledge in JS, HTML, CSS and python.


hit me up in discord if youre interested in doing the Web dev 101 course!

Discord: FireHaven#4934


I want to be a part of it
Please send me a mail : vaggar12@asu.edu
Discord: vaggar12