Linux Installation - Distro (flavour) / Version Questions


I’ve just started the course and have come to the point to install a Linux environment. I have previously setup a dual boot system so that’s the route I want to take this time.

I’m just not sure which to install, as I will be installing on my desktop pc (few years old but high spec for its age) and also on an older laptop.
I was thinking installing standard Ubuntu on desktop and xubuntu on the laptop for performance, will I face any compatibility problems with the course using xubuntu?
The other issue is if there is a lot of differences in the usability of both and creating more work for me having to learn both?

A final point would be is it recommended to install the 18x version or the newly realised 19x? Again my Linux knowledge is minimal and I’m trying to avoid compatibility issues when starting out.

Sorry for the long winded post, but any recommendations or advice would be most appreciated :smile:


I use Xubuntu for everything, and we suggest Xubuntu as an OS for Virtual Machines. We’ve not run into any compatibility issues for any of the Ubuntu flavors.

Either version is fine as well. There’s not much of a difference.

Props for doing dual boot


I ended up install xubuntu on both pc and laptop as dual boot, enjoying the experience of it so far. Just means I’ve spent the last day playing in xubuntu customizing and installing packages as opposed to working on TOP :rofl:


I’ve been there before. I’ve got nothing to recommend but, GO WORK ON TOP lol