Licensed Badge - How to access the tutorial


How do i access the advance tutorial for this badge? I’m kind of an achievement whore, so i need to know this!


Send @odinbot start new user to Odin-Bot again. It should prompt for the advanced tutorial this time :wink:


@odinbot start new user


You have to send it to the Odin Bot as a private message:

  1. Go to Odin Bot’s profile here
  2. Click send message and send that text!


Hello @JonathanYiv

Thank you for the information.
I visited the Odin Bot’s profile but
I was not able to figure out how to send send message from his profile.



In the top right should be a gold button saying message



Hello @CouchofTomato

Thank you for the follow up.

It seems that button is not available to me at the moment.
But I was able to reply to his messages which was sent to me.
In case I’ve got any problems; I will let you know.



Hello @CouchofTomato

I was able to access the tutorial by replying to the Odin’s message.