Let's hack the mainframe

Hey all,

The title says it all, if by “hack the mainframe” I mean write some killer lines of code, which I do. That’s what I mean. Let’s write some sweet sweet functional abstraction.

I’m looking for someone to do some pair programming with, as this section of the forum would suggest. It seems a little redundant to have all these topic posts restating the section, but I guess there’s no other established convention. Maybe LSA? Favorite language and last meal? I don’t know, the redundancy bothers me for some reason. How about Time Zone, Language, Technology you’re excited by?

I’m seeking some pair programming but I’m also looking to build some things beyond just TOP projects. So ideally I’m looking for someone near Seattle, and someone who shares some interests.

I’m a guy from the Seattle area who studied philosophy at the University of Washington and recently I’ve turned toward tech to solve all of our problems. I used to be resistant to technology in a lot of ways, but resistance is futile! The future is coming whether we like it or not.

I started on my current path after encountering Bret Victor’s talk, The Humane Representation of Thought. That really blew my mind. He really captured a lot of things that have been on my mind for awhile. Marshall McLuhan famously said “the medium is the message,” and I’d say I’m most interested in the way technology will influence the media that we’ll have available for thinking, communicating, and functioning as a member of society. Therein lies the message, as McLuhan puts it. The values of future generations.

I think Web3.0 is a big umbrella term for some technologies that exemplify this. Potential technologies that would have real effects on the values of a society that embraces them. A decentralized web is a web by the people, for the people. A web where trust is not facilitated by institutional powers because trust is taken out of the equation. So I’m pretty interested in blockchain and AI, beyond just their buzzwordiness. They have the potential to imbue future technologies with humane values.

I also like cycling, baking bread, jazz, and trail running. Let me know if you want to pair up! We can chat for a bit on the TOP discord server or something along those lines.

All the best!

hi! I realize you posted this back in January, but if you’re still looking for a partner, I’d love to chat.