Let's create a self directed bootcamp



Hey all, the more I research into coding bootcamp, the more I feel that the value of it is probably 70% community/discipline, 20% career support and 10% instructor feedback. SO I’m thinking if we can have a group of people on slack and zoom studying and pair programming all day every day for 10-12 weeks, we can recreate that 70% of that value. We can follow Odin curriculum. I even read stories of people who have done this before and eventually made into google/uber after some junior sprints.

Already having a partner that shows interest, please contact me if you want to discuss! I’m in London time zone, but can try to make it work even if there is some time difference.



Hey @zliyclh

Sounds like a nice idea.

Just wanted to check that what you are proposing is just trying to recreate the bootcamp feel without the cost? You aren’t advertising anything with a cost?

For what it’s worth we have looked into how we can help people work together more and it’s been very difficult because people all work on different schedules.

We do have the discord forums where people can get support on their own terms too.


Sounds like a cool idea! Everyone would be on the same track, I assume?


Yes exactly, everything should be free. I certainly understand that managing group of people can be very challenging. In some strange ways, once one pay a hefty amount of money to a bootcamp, motivation level is on the way up … Having said that, I do feel if we can have a group of people with similar clear objectives and a structure, it can be achieved. At the end of the day, the worse scenario is that this doesn’t work and I’ll go to a bootcamp any way…


Thanks for responding and confirming. Hopefully you can make a success of it without having to pay to attend a bootcamp. Good luck!


I’ll join. I am in the US though and in college, so my schedule can be tight, but I definitely will make time as long as same effort is put. If it doesn’t seem to work out, no hard feelings.
My discord is “Ty Lee#5578” <-- Yes, there is a space in between.
Feel free to add me.


I’m interested. I’ve been dabbling with web dev for a while now, the hardest part for me is the motivation/discipline, if this can recreate that 70%, please count me in. There’s some time difference but I’m sure we make it work.

My Discord is KEKW#0903. My email is ft.nguyenson@gmail.com.



Totally up to this,
My discord: Knight#5107
email: anthony_sh1@outlook.com


Sounds like a great idea! Would love to take part of it!


Is this still happening? I’d love to join!


My discord: Erica#7189
email: ericamelodecarvalho28@gmail.com


How is this going?


Since the forum was down for 2 weeks, I have just started to contact these people for the bootcamp, but it seems most people are doing fine working by themselves but wouldn’t mind starting a group.


Hello thank you for this post, how can I join and be apart of this study? I am new to learning code and all it offers. This would be a wonderful experience for me to conquer also guide me for my future. Please let me know what I need to do to participate in this learning experience.


I can certainly add you but to participate, you surely just need a willpower to have fun while learning. The bootcamp will be on Discord, so feel free to add me so that we can invite you.
My Discord is “Witch#5578”
If you don’t know how to add people, just let me know what your discord name and number is.


omkar#4821 my discord I am interested


Hey there , am interested tshepo #2336


Hi all,

I am interested . Please add me . Here is my discord name KartheeK#7046



I am interested. :slight_smile:

Discord: skele_666#2303


I’m happy to help out as well