Let me introduce myself


Hey everyone,

I’m Brian from Ranson, West Virginia. I am currently working in the Virginia wine industry but have decided to make a career change. After much deliberation, I realized that programming may be a way for me to utilize my most valuable skills. I love problem solving, feel satisfied by thinking in a logical frame of mind, and have been interested in technology and computers for most of my life. I am very excited about learning and I think the Odin Project’s web development course will give me a flexible introduction to computer science. My dream would be to use my web development skills to better my quality of life and to help worthy causes. I also would like to be a part of the DC tech community some day.

I am currently at the busiest time of year at my job and will not have free time on most days (picking and processing fruit nonstop), but I hope to use any sliver of free time I have to make progress on my journey!

Give me a shout fellow newbs!



Hi Brian,

I am new here as well.

I have been a help desk technician for three years so I have had plenty of time to learn to code. I just have never done it, and I regret that.

I believe that being able to code if a form of literacy in the digital age. I am going through the Odin Project because having everything in one place appeals to me. The community aspect and meeting awesome people like yourself is thrilling. I am a very social person and I don’t do well working along .

Nice to meet you Brian. How are you doing on the Rock, Paper , Scissors portion ?


Hey Dustin,

Nice to meet you too! I am not at the Rock, Paper, Scissors section yet. Took me all night last night to dual boot ubuntu along side my windows installation.

I’ll let you know how it goes soon!