Learning Javascript is rough!


Hi all,

I’ve been studying for a little over 2 months now and I’ve become quite good at HTML(5) and CSS(3). I enter the world of Javascript and I simply can’t get out of the basics. I’ve been following FCC but I’m gonna give Odin a try now. Has anyone got any experience of both and if so, what’re you’re feelings on each?



Hey @ale8k

I’m not well versed in FCC but our JS track has recently been updated and is pretty good. Give it a try and see how you get on.


I am, I’m gonna give the entire Web 101 a read through up to JS. I mean it’s relatively simple things that I continuously keep getting stumped on. For example;

var total = 0;

for (var b = 0; b < myArr.length; b++) {
  total = total + myArr[b];

I struggled to understand that myArr[b] was the variable taking on an integer to represent the index value. There are other things, but I won’t continue on. They very much demoralise me is the point I’d like to make.
Also in FCC they make some rather larger leaps in projects. Namely one called ‘Record Collection’. I’ve never been so frustrated lol, I didn’t know you could have two if statements question a top each other:

if (I am true) { // go below
if (I am also true, go below whether it be another if or our execution) {

^ However, we were expected to answer a project using the above methodology. I don’t know man, I’m tearing my hair out at whether it’s their inability to thoroughly explain or my inability to learn Javascript. I’m almost certain though others must feel the same, perhaps?


Yeah for sure you aren’t alone, it’s the ability to push through and keep learning that will decide if you make it. Programming can be incredibly frustrating but also incredibly rewarding. It’s such a useful skill to keep at it.

If you do run into any issues come say hi in the gitter rooms with any questions. You’ll find someone willing to help and explain concepts to you.


Thank you, I appreciate that. I will; I have the gitter rooms open now. Well, I better plonk forwards. Thank you for the chat!


@ale8k chiming to to provide some additional encouragement and perspective.

You’re definitely not alone so don’t let the imposter syndrome feelings creep on you. I think it’s valuable to acknowledge that some resources won’t resonate with you as well as others. So just because you don’t understand jS right away using one article/book/website doesn’t mean you’re unable to pick it up using another person/chatroom/forum. TOP’s chatroom is extremely friendly and active, so don’t hesitate to pop into the javascript room for some help. Cheers!