Just starting!


Hello, I am just starting my coding learning through Odin and wanted to see if anyone has tips on areas that i should spend more or less time on to maximize my study time. Thanks a bunch!


hey man, new here as well. Good luck with the journey. Do you have any experience in coding?



Nope im just starting from scratch. how about you?


Hey there, im just starting to , im really exicited to get started as well


I am about to start the Odin Project as well. I can’t really speak to your question about where to place more or less time. I would think it depends on your interest and what your goals are so don’t be afraid to go running down the rabbit hole if you enjoy a certain area.

I wouldn’t mind going through Odin Project together. So message me if you want a coding buddy.




Peter here. Newbie in web development and coding.


No area whatsoever man .
The only thing I would suggest is if you get stuck try to move in/implement the project.

Remember reading is good but only if you create something you learn :wink:


I am finally almost done just getting the VM machine and all the stuff installed, so far it has all gone pretty smooth, cant wait to get started after work tomorrow