Just Starting ! Any alternatives to AWS Cloud 9?



My name is Lubin and I just joined the community. I am very happy to be part of it and really looking forward to learn. I am familiar with JAVA, Python and other data analysis tools, but new to web development.

The question is, are there any recommended alternatives to AWS Cloud 9 that is free? or how I should approach this to setup my environment? It seems like even for 12 mo trial, I need to put my credit card info. I am overseas at the moment and I am a bit hesitant in doing so at the moment. I am using Windows and found out about Cygwin, Codeanywhere and Eclipse Che. I am currently looking at these as I am writing this post, but can’t come to a clear conclusion. I was wondering if there are any options for me to practice or easy to use for a beginner and it’s free.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!


Could you install a vm to run linux?