Just started this week looking to pair!


Hi guys!

I just got everything installed and I am ready to go!

My name is Jonathan and I am living in the Ft.Lauderdale FL area.

I’m 26 years old, and after being in the accounting industry for a few years I really wanted a change!

After messing around with a few courses on codecademy, udemy, and other various online courses, I have decided to pursue this full time.

I would love to have someone to team up with to push and help each other!


Hey Jonathan, hope all is well! I’m down to pair, let me know if you’re still looking.


Lets chat tomorrow and get a game plan going!


Are u still looking for someone to pair, im down what times do yo have availabe. Hit me up jofer86@gmail.com
or jofer86 in discord


Hey Jorge!

I see your available 9-3 CST, which is 10-4 for me. This is where I am currently in the course. Let me know where you are!



I’m in the JavaScript basics but i would gladly backtrack a bit, and revisit all those topics again, wanna have a chat?


Hey guys looks like we’re all overlapping a bit, I can start wherever you guys decide. Whats the best messaging tool for you guys? Should we get on slack? or is this ok?


the more the merrier; in my opinion


Yeah we can all put our heads together. We just have to get on the same page literally lol. Course wise.