Just started The odin project and I want someone to pair with


If you are also on same boat with me and if you also just started, let’s pair up and help each other progress.


Hey, my name is Rohan and I also started today. We can pair.


That’s great rohan. I’m also an Indian, so I guess it’s even better. Is there a way that we cam dm here?


I dm you on discordapp


Hey guys! I’m just starting today, can I join you? I’m from Argentina.


Hola Martin, estas recien comenzando? Yo empecé hace 2 días, podemos conectarnos por chat y ver si podemos avanzar juntos en el proceso de aprendizaje.


I would like to pair with someone :slight_smile:


Hi jensen! Are you just starting? what is your time zone?


I live in Canada, but study at all hours of the day. Where are you from? how far into the cirriculum are you? jensen#4679 on discord.


jensen#4679 on discord


hi Jensen! I also live in Canada
I am still in web 101 - Javascript Fundaamentals 1


Hey people! I’m on the 101 course and also looking for a partner to study with and a mate for pair programming, please feel free to contact me to my email. leonardoruiz1988@gmail.com …thanks


Hello all,
I’m just starting out and will need someone to pair with.