Just Finished Web Development 101 - Installations - Confused Much


Hi all,

Just want to thank the community for helping me get the ball rolling, it’s been shockingly more difficult than I anticipated. I’m only 20% through the Web Development 101 course but it has been a bit confusing and a little bit of a slog.

I’ve managed to get everything installed and setup but there has been much trial and error, used the forums a lot, had to Google a lot and had to just experiment and hope for the best a lot too.

The thing is, during the installations module most of it has just gone over my head, I’ve been copying and typing in commands that I don’t really get or understand.

It feels like there’s so much information and so many commands it’s worrying me how I’m going to remember and absorb all of this information. I’m still confused about Git & GitHub, I get the basics that it stores your files and logs changes and helps you collaborate with others, but a lot of it and it’s features are still confusing to me as is Heroku…

I’m just telling myself to hang in there and hopefully I will get it as I go on but this definatley feels like a jump in the deep end, does anyone else feel the same?


I just started and feel the same way. I keep having issues with commands and programs not installing the way the course says they will. I hate Linux with a passion… I am seriously considering just focusing on front end. I enjoy design, layouts, marketing, copyrighting. I really enjoy CSS and even JavaScript. But, this back end terminal stuff is a bit of a turn off…


Totally relate to what you’re saying.

I’ve been doing front end stuff for awhile and would say I’m pretty average / just above average in experience and knowledge. Designed so many websites for businesses but want to learn how to do it from scratch as opposed to using other people’s frameworks to do so.

The command line certainly seems to make things a lot more complex to me and I seem to run into a lot more errors and stuff. It’s difficult, for me though, it boils down to future job opportunities and employability. As difficult as all of this stuff is for me, I’m pushing myself to keep going with it as I feel like it could potentially open up so many doors for me in the future.

It’s difficult to get a job just on front end stuff, most employers expect you to be able to be a ‘jack of all trades’ especially small and medium sized companies, they want to get the most out of their staff.

I just don’t know how I’m going to get this wealth of information to ‘stick in’.