Jumpstart Lab’s Blogger Tutorial I3 not working?


Referring to http://tutorials.jumpstartlab.com/projects/blogger.html#i3:-tagging
The first terminal command it tells me to put: bin/rails generate model Tag name:stringbin/rails generate model Tagging tag:references article:referencesbin/rake db:migrate doesn’t work?

After I put in that terminal command on my localhost page it says to migrate. I did the command and then it says I have a syntax error in my migrate file. Not sure to do since I can’t get past i3 part.


The tutorial you posted is over 3 years old. That’s fairly old since the tutorial is specifying Rails 4.x. We’re on 6.x now for reference. That link also isn’t the TOP curriculum afaik, unless TOP’s linked to it and I’m unaware of it. I am new here after all.

Regardless, I can attempt to help a little. From what you are experiencing, you either have a syntax issue with one of your migration files, so check that first. If you don’t care for what is in your database, you can go with the nuclear option and reset and rebuilt your database like so:

rake db:reset

It would also help if we see more of the error you’re getting. Good luck!


Thanks for the help! The problem was that in Rails 4 tag tables had to be manually made and migrated but in rails 5 and up this is not necessary as tag tables already exist by default (by some plugin I’m assuming). So I was basically trying to migrate something already that existed and that’s it gave errors.


In a brand new Rails 5 app, there isn’t any thing that will automatically create a tag table for you. What you might’ve done was attempted a migration from the tutorial that created the tags table and it broke midway for whatever reason. Syntax errors perhaps.

To recover from failed migrations, you typically just issue a rake db:rollback command to get you back to before the migration was attempted. Fix the errors and then attempt the migration again.

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