JS: Final Project - A few questions

I am heading towards the end of the JS module of the fullstack path. I am currently at the frameworks section, learning React.
This first question is both general, as well as specific to the final project:

  • Is it recommended to do the project in plain JS/HTML/CSS and working with ES6 modules (npm) OR using React (framework in general)? If React is recommended, would it make sense to learn the MERN stack before that? I’m asking because it would take quite a bit more time to dive into the stack, since Node is covered only after the JS module. I would do so, but am fearing that too much preparation defies the purpose.

  • As said, this is also a general question. Until now, we only dabbled with vanilla JS. Now React comes around (I’m diving deep using Schwarzmüller’s tutorial), and I am confused… when should I use React? Always? Only for big projects?

  • In the overview page, in the final project section it says '“In this section, we’ll briefly cover how to test Javascript using Jasmine and then get you started …”, but there is no coverage of Jasmine as far as I can see. And before that, only Jest is covered, right? So what to do here?

Any ideas are appreciated :slight_smile: Still a bit overwhelmed by what to use when and how to structure this self-learning path.

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I am bumping this thread. No benefit for me, but seeing someone approaching the end, I want this guy to get the help he needs. I bet answers will be very useful.

I am very interested in the response about the Jasmine part. Although I have no clue about anything regarding that, through research and reading it seems like Jest is fine?

Referring to this one : https://roadmap.sh/frontend. You can see there Jasmine not recommended to spend time with at all.

EDIT: From just a simple fast search, it seems it’s a wide-spread opinion that Jest is just the best right now. Jasmine is there because it was among first ones. Am I correct on this one? This just deepens the curiosity regarding the Jasmine mention in the Final Project.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, probably it was just forgotten to update the description in the module overview page. Also looking forward to hear some responses regarding my React question. At the moment, my instinct tells me to dive deep with React, and also use it for my own projects. It also definitely challenges my JS skills, even in the tutorial I’m doing to be honest!

My only worry stems from having heard so many times to only use a framework when the fundamentals of JS are strong. But that’s why we practiced those plenty before, right?

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I can answer the react question. I had this dilemma as well. It’s important to understand vanilla JavaScript but you don’t need to work with it too long. People say it’s important to learn vanilla JavaScript because a lot of the basic concepts transfer over to React. The problem is a lot of people hear that and never move beyond vanilla JS.

I would say if you already made it this far in the JS module you are ready to go all in on React. Seriously! I wasted so much time building projects with vanilla JS. In most jobs you will be using a frontend framework like React. React is awesome because it makes writing JavaScript applications way faster and more scalable than pure vanilla JS DOM manipulation.

Build all of your portfolio projects in React. Finish Max’s course on React (by the way I would recommend Andrew Mead’s react course because he really takes you from the basics of Javascript up to professional grade React applications.)

Here’s a video that explains it well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwup7MV_fXs