Javascript Pair Programming Chicago/Evanston


Hi there. I have been focusing on coding for a year. My skills are intermediate in javascript and I am looking for a partner at the same level of knowledge to learn with who possibly lives near by me, so we can keep each other accountable and learn better and faster. RIght now I am working on building my portofolio in order to apply for junior developer jobs soon.
Let me know here if interested.


Hi, Ada11. I’m about 3 hours south of you (Peoria, IL). I have been doing Odin for 3 months, but started learning on my own a few years ago. I’m currently going through the Ruby material at the end of Web Dev 101. Where are you at in TOP? If you’re interested in doing a pairing project, let me know. My user name is rlmoser #7483 on Discord.