Java script fundamental part 2 assignment 5


hi guys ,iam totaly lost on this one ,hope ,you can help me ,so i do the assignment on repl but i dont really understand the context :slight_smile:
here’s you can see the order is =
Your goal is to write a script that can figure out a student’s score on a test by following these instructions:

  1. Add a variable for the number of points possible on the test (use 50)
  2. prompt the user for the number of points the student missed on the test and store it in a variable.
    3.Calculate the student’s percentage score and print it using console.log. (try to figure out the math yourself!)
    to test yourself run the script, enter the following info and see if you get the right answer:
    Points missed: 13, Score: 74%
    Points missed: 25, Score: 50% (ouch :grimacing:)
    and here’s my code =
    let number = prompt(‘How many number of points student missed on the test?’)
    if (number<=13){
    console.log(“Score 74%”)
    console.log(“score 50% ouch”)
    for full version of it here’s the screenshoot =


I don’t know if you figured it out already but here’s my help

So I think you sort of misunderstood what it’s asking you to do.
You’re prompting the user to enter the number of points a student missed on the test. So with that value you want to calculate their score by dividing by the total possible points on the test.

If that doesn’t make sense here’s an example:

Let’s say I took a multiple choice test that had 10 total questions.
I missed 3 questions. That means I got 10 - 3 = 7 questions correct out of 10 questions or 7/10.
So if I do the math 7 divided by 10, I got a .70 or 70% on the multiple choice test.

Hope that makes sense! :slight_smile: