Jasmine not working



I’ve installed NVM, NPM and Jasmine for fundementals 4 on javascript.

I am now trying to do the exercises that require me to run jasmine to test my code. However when i run jasmine on the terminal in the same folder as the exercise files, I get this error:

~/Odin/Javascript/javascript-exercises$ jasmine helloWorld.spec.js
DEPRECATION: Setting throwOnExpectationFailure directly on Env is deprecated, please use the oneFailurePerSpec option in configure
DEPRECATION: Setting randomizeTests directly is deprecated, please use the random option in configure
Randomized with seed 11864

No specs found
Finished in 0.001 seconds
Incomplete: No specs found
Randomized with seed 11864 (jasmine --random=true --seed=11864)

I have no idea how to fix this, help would be greatly appreciated


i believe you are in the wrong directory:


should be


if that doesn’t fix it drop by the chatrooms… things like this are easier to debug in real time


That fixed it! Thank you, mate. Apparently I can’t run it in Visual Studio Codes terminal, but doing it on the regular cli works fine