Jasmine can't find spec

Been trying to run the .spec.js files for the first helloWorld test, but I get No Specs found every time. I’ve followed the steps on the github page, and even tried to do some googling myself with no such luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, in the image you do it right in the third comand

jasmine helloWorld.spec.js

the output in this case is

1 spec, 0 failures

The error ocurrs when you call jasmine over a file that isn’t a test file. In this case
jasmine helloWorld.js

These ouputs are very similar. You can make helloWorld wrong to see whats de diference between a passed test, a failed test and a “No Specs found” error.

Hope this will help.


Okay, I understand my mistake now! Thanks so much for the help!