Issue installing Jasmine


I’ve got an install issue I could use some guidance with — I’m using a Mac running on 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

In Fundamental Part 4, I installed NodeJS and it appears to be working when I confirm in the terminal. The problem comes in when I try to install jasmine.

When I type “npm install -g jasmine” into the terminal, I keep getting the message “—bash: npm: command not found.”


Anyone have any advice for how to fix this and get the programs working?


Usually npm (node package manager) is installed alongside Node.js.

It looks like you may have only installed nvm (node version manager), and not Node.js itself. Can you confirm that Node.js installed correctly by running node -v in your terminal? If it isn’t, run nvm install node to install the latest version of node. From there, try node -v again, then npm -v to confirm that npm installed as well.

If all is clear, try installing Jasmine again.


That did the trick, thank you so much for the help!


This was exactly my issue, as well!