Is it you I'm looking for?


Hi folks!

Having just finished up the Rails Blogger project (phew!), I’ve reached the point of Pair Programming in Web Development 101. So this is my call to all my fellow fledgling coders to see who would like to join me in tackling the Pomodoro Project?

I’m based in the UK and you’ll find me online from 9pm GMT (that’s 21h00 for those that prefer military style time) on most weekdays.

Whilst English is my first language, I am able to dabble in un petit peu de français :smile:

Looking forward to working with someone!



I’m looking for a pair programming buddy. Do you have discord?


Hey @lyre - It so happens that I do!
If you send a request to leonjmac#4370 we can catch up there - what’s your handle?


Send you a friend request!