Hey all,

My name is Elliot, and I work in the New Zealand film industry in Wellington as a modelmaker and machinist. Exciting but tough and dirty work! Long hours and high pressure.

I want to learn how to code because as a naturally artistic and creative, but less logically inclined person, I feel tackling a technical challenge will be extremely satisfying and eye opening.

Tech is extremely fascinating. I often find myself absorbed in podcasts, documentaries, and articles about tech and business. I feel it would be out of principle if I at least didn’t participate in this world.

In the short term, my fascination for tech would be piqued. In the long term, a tech career would be a tantalizing prospect, with better work/life balance and opportunities.

Thank you all for being thing. I wish I found Odin project earlier :slight_smile:

Wish me luck!


Welcome Elliot,

Great to have you learning with us.

Good luck learning the skills you need.