Hi my name is Edward. I am completely new to programming save for some minor HTML and CSS knowledge. I am looking for a partner to learn and grow with.

Hi Edward, so nice to hear from you.I am also a beginner and as it happens I am looking for a study partner too.I am in South Africa, where are you located so we can sync up our times and discuss more.
By the way my name is Keith.

Hi Keith, nice to hear from you as well. I am from Belize in Central America.

That’s great , my time zone in South Africa is (GMT+2),Friday 8.00 am, We can sync up so that that we wont have to wait long for replies when collaborating.

I am also looking for a learning group.
My name is Fabi and I am from Germany (UTC+2).
I already have experience with development in Python but I’m new to webdevelopment.
I’m just 16 and my English isn’t perfect but I will give my best to learn webdevelopment.
Everyone is invited to add me on Discord: Fabi#6071

Hi sure no problem we can do that. Current time here right now is 11:04 am. So we can sync up that when it is night over as it is now we can coordinate and do the steps. How far are you currently in the lessons?

Hi Fabi!. Great to know that you already know python. I am totally new to to programming and web development and would love to work with you and learn. Currently in UTC-6 , located in Belize.

Ok great! Do you have Discord? If you have Discord add me: Fabi#6071

Yes I do, I just sent you a friend request on there!

let’s connect and learn together!

Hello everyone! I’m super duper new to web dev and computers in general. I’m almost 27 and hoping that I will understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and learn a backend language. I think I’m more interested in backend development, but I’m still learning frontend just in case. Looking forward to meeting new people and getting the help I need to achieve this huge goal!

Hi Fabi, just sent you a friend request on Discord, i am also new to web development.

Hi There’

sorry for the late reply been away for some time. My username for discord is ghostknight#4815,
lets hookup there.