Hello everyone, I’m Njabulo from South Africa. 35 years old working as a Film Production Assistant in Cape Town. I’m learning web development with the aim of looking to move into tech as a front-end developer.

South Africa has been in various stages of the lockdown since late March, and during this time I’ve had a lot of time to think about my long-term goals and where i’d want to be five - ten years from now.

During this time I didn’t really think I had what it took to learn code because I assumed that you need to be sharp mathematically, while at the same time I didn’t know which language to start with.

I started mid-April just casual reading and watching YouTube videos about others who started learning code later became developers. I was so inspired watching others talk about how they taught themselves how to code using mostly freely-available resources online. Eventually I took the plunge and in May started learning the fundamentals of programming eg. classes, methods,OOP, conditionals, booleans etc using Java.

I’m starting with front-end technologies now, Html and CSS, and right now I’m at that stage where I don’t know how well I know what I’ve learned. That’s why The Odin project makes sense to me as it gives me a structured approach to learning what I need to know.

Anyway I wanted to introduce myself and expect more updates from me in the coming months :slight_smile:

Hi Njabulo and welcome at TOP.

Congratulations for having made the decision to start coding :wink: I understand it’s not always easy to make a career shift.

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to look out for support, there’s always someone hanging around to answer questions and help solving issues.

Good luck!


Thanks Remi, I appreciate your reply :+1:t4:

Hello everyone, I am Akin-James David from Nigeria. 23 years old Physics with Electronics graduate who has a passion and drive to learn to learn software programming.I am so happy to be here and I can not wait to dive into my courses.I am a beginner so I have no background knowledge in coding. Its great to be here.

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@njabulo-buthelezi-be Greetings Mr Buthelezi .Name is Osego from Mafikeng in the North-West province.I have a university degree in computer science & electronics,but have no luck finding a job for some strange reason .I came across this remote software engineering stuff from an ad on Facebook. They gave me a pre-course option just to get an idea of what to expect.It would be an advantage for us to team up since we from the same is the dream work What you say bro?Plus it looks like we both on the same page and you didn’t mention knowing anything about stacks,queues,linked-lists,graphs.searching and sorting,and recursive algorithms.Not forgetting software engineering concepts like various methodologies and stages of application development and deployment.client-side scripting becomes easy once acquainted with these concepts in your toolbox.Which is basically concerned with doc structure,presentation,and page behavior like JS popups.Knowing SQL doesn’t mean your done.DATA MODELLING is crazy,if not done properly your web application can get compromised easily.Tell me when you ready to rack your brains.I’m a code junky.

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@CoolBones007 greetings fellow African brethren.I also studied physics,but my majors were Computer science & Electronics.I’m sure you must’ve did a bit of programming in digital electronics.But software engineering is a whole different ball game.I hear people say you don’t need to know mathematics,but that’s not true. Mathematics is problem solving and last time I checked so was programming.What you say Cool,we tackle these problems as a team.

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Howsit Osego, good to see another Saffa on here. Yeah sure thing let’s link up and see what we can learn together. Seems like you’re starting from a higher knowledge base than I am, as I’m just a newbie, but yeah I’m keen.

Nice to meet you @paypher Thats cool to hear. It is a different ball game. No problem thats why I am here to learn and rob minds together. I am keen.

@njabulo-buthelezi-be been troubleshooting my internet connectivity.But I’m back online now.I need to know how far are you with the TOP curriculum?

@CoolBones007 Good,we need to get started.Are you done with the installation process?

Hello Everyone, I am Ayeesha from Nigeria. I’m 21 year old who has always had a passion for software programming . I can’t wait to start learning

@Ayeesha22 Welcome Ayeesha from Nigeria.I’m Osego from South Africa.We share the same passion.I always get exited when people share the same passion for developing software.Do you already have a github account.I have experience in Java,C/C++ and C#.Which language do you use to code?And how good are you at documenting software?

Hello, i’m a begginer so i have just started with HTML. I already have a github account

@Ayeesha22 That’s not a problem.I need to know what you’ve done so far.Did you install the virtual machine and the XUBUNTU OS?And also did you connect git to the github account?I need us to speed up the process so that we can start with HTML/CSS & work on a suitable schedule to study.