hi my name is Timilehin bello i am from nigeria. i’ve decided to be a software developer due to my love for computers. i’m happy to join the odin project to help me develop myself . i love challenges so lets begin this stage of codes. i am a man of few words and more lines of code.


Hi I am Quan from the US. I am reinventing myself thru coding and loving the new things and new people I am meeting in the process. I look to learn so much here to take with me for the long haul.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

My name is Maria, in Perth Australia. Coding is something I have been interested in for a very long time. I had a very busy life so struggled to find the time to learn. I work in implementations in travel technology and although I don’t have any coding experience I love technology and working in that field. My work has been reduced from full time to 1 day a work because of Covid 19 so this is a great opportunity for me to learn and retrain myself.

Looking forward to learning new things.


Hi All,

I am a data analyst by profession and became interested in coding after starting to use VBA extensively at work. I have learnt a little Python, taking the MITx Introduction to Computer Science with Python module on EdX and have now signed up for the Odin Project. I am working from home currently due to the Covid 19 restrictions in the UK and so am hoping that the extra free time I have available can be put to good use!


Hi All,

I’m Moro, I was a Manual Software Tester & ESL Teacher trying to reinvent myself and hopefully eventually work remotely as a Full Stack Web Developer. Due to covid19, I’m homebound so using this time to hopefully complete the Odin project and become job ready!

Good luck everyone!!!