This is the assigned introduction — the odin project

You probably miss the point my friend here…

The course sent you here to introduce yourself to our community, say a few words about yourself and join us in a synergistic relationship between coders and enthusiasts. When you code, you probably have to collaborate with a team. By joining this forum, you will learn to converge with other people, thus learning and working with others.

But, I don’t try to force you here, nobody does! I hope the best to you my friend.

What’s up guys, new member here


Hey @Mutantgene welcome!! It’s good to see more and more people here!

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Thanks a lot Bro, looking forward to cooperate with you guys so we can learn and grow together.

Hi guys. Just joined the community

Hello…World Hehehe

I’m feeling jovial about this new career change/goal/beaprogrammer. I’ve also been feeling some of the down in the dumps opposites, like a crash off of a coding high. I have been interested in coding, the possibilities of software development and engineering as well as the benefits that come with said career for some time. Now, at a crossroads in life, I have taken a leap in to the warm and snuggly clutches of Odin’s grasp to start a programming career versus electrical career (electricians apprenticeship) or going back to school (cyber operations or law) (both of which have their upside I guess)…No! I will not second guess myself. I’m already talking to myself on the forum. AND Fin.
Best of luck Nd stay safe. …World hehehe

Hi there. I’m completely new to coding as I have recently been furloughed from the law firm that I work in due to coronavirus. I’m looking for a new challenge so I can come out of this having learnt a new skill!