Hi everyone. I’m 37, currently a student in an online iOS bootcamp (3rd week) which has become disillusioning in its structure. I’m considering dropping it and doing something like TOP instead.

I earned a BS in psychology last year, which didn’t really lead to any desirable opportunities for me, primarily because I’m old and don’t want to wait another year to get into grad school just to earn less (after 4 more years) than I might at the end of just one year of studying coding. I’ve been a computer geek my whole life anyway, so this is probably a better fit in the first place. Most of my time spent on the computer hasn’t been coding, but I have had a tiny bit of experience with it in the past.

I live in Fairfax, Virginia. Currently in my parent’s basement, who are kind enough to support me as I prepare for a tech job. They expect me to be employed by the end of the year (and I expect that as well).

Nice to meet you!


Hey Thomas,

I’m 35 and in a similar situation. My degree isn’t getting me the work I want, and the work I did as an Analyst at a transportation company isn’t leading to advancement in the data field I thought it would. I’m going to start this web dev in the hopes of learning the full stack. If you want to partner on any projects please let me know! I’m just starting today but as I have quite a bit of free time at the moment I’ll hopefully be up to speed soon.