Hi everyone! Here to learn code; really hoping to master HTML, CSS, and Javascript so I can focus on front end web development for a friend’s startup. I already have background in all three, with the strongest knowledge in HTML and CSS. I really love coding, how its organized, and troubleshooting code. It’s literally the best.

Can’t wait to get familiar with the Odin Project and get cracking down on my lessons! I also can’t wait to interact with the community and connect with real people on a topic we all love to do.



Hey there! Glad to have ya on board!


My name is Jesse and I am in Portland Oregon. I have tried learning to code many times including at college, bootcamps, and online. I have never been able to make it stick and I have had a hard time job searching because my confidence and white board skills are low. I am working on the Odin Project because I have heard positive things about it and a local employer uses Ruby and I want to get a job there.