Hi there all! I have been doing self-study for the past 2 years (HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, and some Python). Entrepreneurial background (finance and currently in private education) and I am hopeful to meet some awesome people here as we each learn the TOP material. I would love to create the web and mobile apps of the venture I am working on and be able to create future apps as well.


Hello everyone! I’m a graphic designer from Brazil and I’ve been working as freelancer for the past 5 years with editorial and educational materials. For now, I’m studying to switch careers to web development field, looking forward to build tools that people finds useful and likes to use!

Good studies Mike!


Hey im a new web developer to be and im studying ruby


Hello @JoaoLPA; we have similar backgrounds indeed. Happy studies to you as well! Hi @Jubz-A; Ruby is such a fun language.


Hi @mikewayne! That’s nice, I’m finding that working with html and css is very similar to working in InDesign with styles, just another way for creating the output.

I’m really motivated to creating a new set of skills. In my country, the jobs for graphic designers diminished in the past years, especially in the education area. At the same time, there is a great demand for UX/UI and developers now.


Hello, I’m a customer care agent, I’m studying to improve my coding skills and hope to share ideas on future projects. Looking forward to meet you and build application.

All the Best.